Craig earned the respect of the local established guitarists while he was still in high school by winning 4 consecutive Guitar War's competitions. While studying classical and jazz in college he was featured in the International magazine GuitarWorld.

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I dreamed of being a guitarist since I was a small kid and would often get my dad’s guitar out of the case and realign the tuning keys. I liked them to be straight in a row. I couldn’t tell that the guitar was out of tune because I couldn’t even play a single note. - Craig

Several years later a childhood friend put an electric guitar in Craig's hands and he was hooked.

craig kelley - singer/guitarist

To say I became obsessed is an understatement. I would play 12 hours a day every day. Three months later I got my first “real” guitar. It was a $299 Ibanez Roadstar II sold to me by Randy “Rockstar” Robertson at Wray’s Music House. I loved that guitar. It was the perfect stepping stone. I also once again convinced my mom to split the cost of a Fender Showman amp. Love you mom! - Craig


In less than a year I teamed up with a few classmates from school and we formed a band. Looking back, I’m pretty sure we sounded aweful but it was fun and I looked forward to all day band practice each Saturday. Playing in a band was super helpful for listening to all the other parts and playing along as one unit. We played a couple of gigs. I took it so seriously. Looking back I wish I would have been a bit more relaxed. As a perfectionist it’s hard to let the little things go sometimes. - Craig

Since then Craig and his band have had the pleasure and privilege of playing with some great musicians. They have performed hundreds of shows and recorded several albums. One of the highlights of performing was a tour of Eastern Europe. 

The Craig Kelley Band has supported

Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Joan Jett

Rick Derringer

Stroke 9




Lunchbox Heroes

Rusted Root

...and many others.

What to expect from CKB

The Craig Kelley Band delivers a hybrid rock and blues show. The set includes Craig's originals along with classic covers from modern guitar shredders (Joe Satriani/Eric Johnson) and legends (Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, etc).