New Beginnings

Originally this album was going to be titled “Love Only Knows” but later I decided to change it to “New Beginnings”. The former is a response to the question “why?”. Why do bad things happen to good people? Why isn’t there justice in the world? Why is there cancer in the world? “Love (God) Only Knows” is a correct answer to why things happen.

“New Beginnings”, on the other hand, is a response we can do something with. It doesn’t just ask the question “why?”. Instead it offers a renewed hope to push forward and trust. Like each new sunrise we have a choice to start fresh and embrace this gift we have been given or to squander and waste it.

New Beginnings Feedback

Just finished listening to every second of your new album Craig. First time I’ve done that with an album like this since E.J. & Cliffs of Dover days. Couldn’t stop listening. Every track of the instrumental recordings are absolutely Plousios. Rich and abounding for sure. – Jerry U.

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Track Listing:

All parts played and recorded by Craig Kelley.

Mastered by Ross NyBerg.