Here With You

Recording this album has been a real gift for me. One of my big goals this year was to grow spiritually. Writing and recording this album has helped me do that. It’s been work but very satisfying.

When I first started writing all of the tunes the ideas flowed very naturally. As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, the songs practically wrote themselves sometimes. Then I hit a rut.

Things were going so well and I felt so connected with the music and God and then everything went void. I asked God, “What happened? I was on such a ride. I didn’t want to get off and you left me stranded.”

Immediately after asking (more like complaining), this song came to me and in a very gentle voice I felt God speak to my heart “I’m right here with you Craig. I never left.”

I have had a few of these overwhelming “God speaking to me” instances in my life like this which is why I’m sharing it. My hope is that even when things aren’t going as planned for you that you’ll always remember that you are not alone.

I hope you enjoy this track!

Track on SoundCloud:

Track Photo Credit: Scott Webb

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