I’m super excited to share my new guitar soloing course.

When I started playing guitar there was very little instructional information available. You could take lessons from the local music shop, buy books/magazines or buy some expensive VHS tape videos. I did it all and it still wasn’t enough.

The information was all about basic 1960’s fundamentals. Forget that. I wanted to shred!

I would spend 12 hours each day in my bedroom practicing and figuring out the guitar. I spent (and wasted) a lot of time because I had no one to ask or teach me the proper techniques and guitar theory. I figured it out but man I wish there would have been an easier way.

Fast forward to now – INFORMATION OVERLOAD. Where do you start? What are the proper steps to learning how to solo? Forget “proper”! I don’t care about that. I want to learn how to solo NOW!

There is way too much information. People are teaching and giving guitar lessons who should not be. Yes, it’s all free but would you eat a rotten apple if it was free? Absolutely not!

Don’t get me wrong. There is some good guitar instruction online for free. The problem is picking and choosing what to learn and how to put it all together in the best way.

That is why I decided to finally (sorry it’s taken so long) finish my How to Guitar Solo course. I want you to start guitar soloing ASAP. My course is designed to get you shredding in no time.

This 10-lesson course can be taken at your own pace and repeated as necessary. I guarantee if you practice these guitar lessons you will be soloing with the best.

Each lesson builds on the last lesson and establishes a solid foundation so that you can continue to learn quickly even after you are finished.

So, what do I teach you in How to Guitar Solo?

Each lesson is structured so that it’s easy to understand and get playing right away. All lessons are packed with warm-up exercises that will improve your dexterity, motor skills, brain/hand connection and picking technique.

I teach you guitar theory so that you know what you are playing. It’s not overwhelming and you won’t even realize you are learning guitar theory because the lesson makes it naturally easy. Kind of like walking. Do you think about each step? Don’t listen to people who tell you theory is a waste of time.

Think of guitar theory like a map. You know where you want to go. Theory makes it easy for you to decide which route you want to take. The opposite is also true. If you choose to ignore the map (guitar theory) you may be heading in the completely wrong direction!

Disclaimer: Look I know that music is art and that we are all free to express ourselves in any way we want but let’s get real. If you sound horrible people ain’t gonna want to listen to ya! You’ll be left alone to yourself in your bedroom playing horrible music. If you want to suck then stop here and go away. If you want to sound like a pro then keep reading.

I also focus on guitar technique in the course so that you can master any guitar phrase or lick you come across. Again, building a foundation so that you can master complex guitar runs naturally.

Finally in each lesson we’ll put everything you learn into practice. You’ll get to master a new guitar solo each lesson and add the licks to your repertoire. We’ll apply all the techniques that you learn and apply them.


Guitarlava.com has tons of videos and posts that will help you learn to guitar solo the right way. Go check it out.